Serving the Internet, Software and High Technology Industries
Our services are purchased by corporations, universities, and organizations around the world. Below is a list of just a few of our clients that we have provided our services for over the years.

Prescient Software                 Management Consultancy
Prescient Software                                      Sunnyvale, CA
Management Consultant

ImmuNet                                          Network Security
Founder                                               Sunnyvale, CA

  • Founded company, developed business plans, product plans and product designs, led fund raising activities.
  • Wrote and filed for patents on new products.
  • Recruited executive team, plus world class board of directors and advisors.
  • Identified firm in a related space and developed a joint venture/ merger-acquisition plan.

Mobile Everywhere
                                Mobile Network Access and Security
Product Marketing                                    San Jose, CA                                            

  • Co-founded company, developed business plans, product plans and product designs. 

  • Recruited key executives: including VP of Sales/Business Development and VP of Engineering.

  • Developed Innovative Service Business Model aimed at Small  to Medium size businesses

  • Led company name selection, Corporate ID, and positioning efforts; developed marketing materials.

  • Developed initial product plans, led development of demo (debuted at Mobile Showcase 2004). 

TailWind Solutions                                Compliance Mobile Document Management 
Product Marketing                                   San Mateo, CA                                                 

  • Developed product demonstration, accompanying video and stage script for debut of product at DEMO 2004.

  • Developed recommendations for next generation product designs and implemented the SWIFT design process. 

  • Researched target industry (Pharmaceuticals) and developed bottoms up forecasts of the Total Available Market.                                   
Online dating and meeting service
Product Design                                     Mountain View, CA

  • Developed new User Interface and other enhancements for the company's web site dating and meeting service.

  • Identified  new business models to tie promotional offers and advertisements with specific activities planned by users.

Real Communities                               
 Web based Community building Software
Product Design                                         Campbell, CA

  • Designed User Interface Interactions for new product line.

  • Selected and Managed art designer developing custom artwork for product.

Tandem Computers                              
  Computer Manufacturer
Software Engineering Management             Cupertino, CA     

  • Developed custom software configuration management systems.

  • Developed policies for improving source code control and defect tracking                        

Educational Institutions

Univ of Phoenix logo

2000-present University of Phoenix Online Phoenix, AZ
Faculty Practitioner, Technical MBA program classes including Management of Innovation and R&D.

UC Berkeley logo
UC Santa Cruz logo

1992-2002 University of California at Berkeley, and University of California at Santa Cruz
Instructor, Technical and Management classes. U.C. Berkeley and Santa Cruz extensions.


Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard Company
Intuit Intuit Corporation
Sybase Sybase Corporation
Data Digest Data Digest Corporation
SeeItFirst logo SeeItFirst, Inc.
PlaceWare logo PlaceWare, Inc.
Association for Software Design

Association for Software Design

WWISA logo Worldwide Institute of Software Architects