SWIFT Design Group

Over 25 years experience creating breakthrough solutions in High Technology, Internet, Software, and Mobile Markets.

We have served clients from High Technology Start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations like HP, Intuit and Sybase.

Innovative Solutions
From Product Conception through Market Dominance

Our services include:

Start-up Accelerator: Start-up businesses have special needs, and the SWIFT team has a combined experience of more than 25 years of helping take start-ups to the next level. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur needing coaching; a start-up raising money; need help transforming your technology play into a market making product; Need to develop or implement sales and marketing strategies to launch a new product, increase awareness, open new channels, or outflank the competition; SWIFT Design Group is ready to help. We can even augment your team with additional experienced team staff or management on a part-time or full-time basis, who know how to make start-ups successful.

Marketing/Social Media For Start-ups: We have extensive experience running a diverse portfolio of social media marketing campaigns for start-ups. We can help you do more with less, reach relevant audiences, and enhance your customer acquisition strategy. We help you design and implement social media campaigns that capture attention, foster interest, and create cohesion around products/services.

New Product Innovation Strategy: Design of innovative new products and services from conception to delivery. Turning advanced R&D and high technologies into innovative high margin products. Strategy for positioning, messaging, and New Product Introductions for market-disrupting or new market-pioneering high technology products and services. Turnkey product development.

Building Intrapreneuring Innovation Teams and Labs: Sometimes even big established companies, like Intuit, HP and Sybase see the need to create a small nimble innovation team that can function like a start-up to create new market opportunities and disrupt dominent incumbent competitors in markets they want to expand into. We've brought SWIFT Design into these companies, created and trained innovation teams, advised senion management on building an innovation culture, and those teams have created game changing solutions that no one could have conceived of before.

Special telephone and intenet consulations plans available. Also we review and help develop business plans, investor pitches, investory summaries and more. Contact us at SWIFT-info -at-

Interim/Part Time Executive: Start-up teams are often missing key management team members, but their financing doesn't allow them to recruit experienced full time executives. We have the flexability to help. Our partners have held senior roles in many start-ups including CEO, CTO, CMO, Chief Innovation Officer, VP R&D and New Products, VP Product Strategy, VP Engineering, VP Product Management, VP Product Marketing, VP Marketing Communications. Start-up team staff: If you are short handed in other rotles, we can help you fill those roles too.

Education and Training: Management of Innovation and R&D. SWIFT Design is a repeatable, teachable method for design, development and introduction of innovative market-making or market-disrupting products and services. We can develop custom classes to meet your teams needs and goals. We have delivered half day seminars to semester long graduate business courses as well as custom courses and in house training for companies embarking on development of innovative products or building innovation cultures.

Located in heart of the Silicon Valley, the world's foremost regional center of innovation.

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