Over 25 years experience creating breakthrough solutions in High Technology, Internet, Software, and Mobile Markets.

We serve clients from Start-ups to Fortune 100.

Solutions from Conception through Market Dominance

We are flexible to meet any needs. We can take a project from conception to delivery, or guide you along any part of the full SWIFT process.

We'll train your executives, marketing, and engineering staffs in the SWIFT™  method for Software Design or we'll do the entire project ourselves. It is up to you.

Our services include:

Consulting: New Product Innovation Strategy. Building an innovation culture. Design of innovative new products and services from conception to delivery. Turning advanced R&D and high technologies into innovative high margin products. Strategy for positioning, messaging, and New Product Introductions for market-disrupting or new market-pioneering high technology products and services. We can create SWIFT requirement documents and designs for your engineering and marketing teams.

Interim/Part Time Executive: Management of Innovation, R&D and New ProducCOO, CTO, VP Product Strategy, VP Engineering, VP Product Management, VP Product Marketing, VP Marketing Communications.

Education and Training: Management of Innovation and R&D, SWIFT A repeatable, teachable method for design, development and introduction of innovative market-making or market-disrupting products and services. Courses from half day seminars to semester long graduate business courses. Custom courses and in house training for companies embarking on development of innovative products or building innovation cultures.

Contract Development: We build and deliver final software products. In addition to training and supporting companies to design Innovative New products, SWIFT Desgin group can take charge of the implementation phase, including hiring and managing skilled offshore development teams.

Located in heart of the Silicon Valley, the world's foremost regional center of innovation.

A full service provider

SWIFT Design Group provides our clients with all the services they need to establish and manage innovation, design and develop innovative products, and introduce them to market and achieve competitive success. This is possible through our alliance with many other service providers who engineer products we define, and implement marketing strategies we develop. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success.

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