SWIFT Design Consulting is lead by founder, Scott McGregor. McGregor has 25 years of progressively responsible management, engineering and entrepreneurial roles in virtually every facet of software and tools design, development, production and marketing. He has extensive leadership experience in a variety of environments from start-up to established market dominance. McGregor has been president of the Silicon Valley chapters of the Association for Software Design and World Wide Institute of Software Architects.

nPrescient Software was founded in 1992 by Scott McGregor. It has provided SWIFT consulting services to several Silicon Valley software companies.

nMcGregor developed SWIFT as an R&D Manager during his 10 year tenure at Hewlett-Packard.

nn“Scott is a skilled designer, with a fine pedigree—academic and practical—both in software engineering and in design.” – Alan Cooper, “Father of Visual Basic”, Founder, Cooper Design, author of "The Inmates are Running the Asylum"


Designed a software product, Merge Ahead, showcased on front page of Sun World magazine and praised for the product's extreme ease of learning and use. 
Recognized by UNIX World editorial for pioneering work in prescient agent technology. 
Praised in the Practical Programmer column of Communications of the ACM for SWIFT development methodology that shortened development time as much as 70%. 
nSelected by management team to salvage a rapidly deteriorating development schedule for the division’s flagship product. Analyzed the problems, introduced organizational changes and was able to meet the product’s original delivery date. 
Founded a start-up software company performing all management functions from acquisition of capital through sign up of re-sellers to the recruitment of a management, development and marketing team. 
nWidely published author of technical articles. List of publications available. Instructor for technology and management courses at University of California, Berkeley and Santa Cruz including Design for Usability and Project Risk Management.