Client Testimonials
The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.

"Scott McGregor is the Dreamer you need on your Dream Team. "

-- Mattison Fitzgerald
Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur

"By focusing the product strategy and features towards a more usable and satisfying end user experience, Scott contributed to the products adoption, differentiation and success."

--Gary O’Neall
Chief Technology Officer
PlaceWare (acquired by Microsoft)

“Scott is a skilled designer, with a fine pedigree—academic and practical—both in software engineering and in design.”

-–Alan Cooper,
“Father of Visual Basic”, Founder, Cooper Design, author of "The Inmates are Running the Asylum"

"I worked with Scott during the turnover of ImmuNet. Scott was the founder of ImmuNet and also the holder of provisional patents related to the business. He developed the marketing collateral and identified a potential market. Scott is an excellent strategist and creative product developer; I appreciated his support during and after turnover of ImmuNet."

--Michael Brookins
Chief Executive Officer Brookins Consulting

"Scott's experience with a broad array of technologies and demonstrated ability to build successful products would be an asset to any firm."

--James Hogan
Vice President, Marketing and
Business Development
PlaceWare (now Microsoft)

“I've been very impressed with Scott’s technical knowledge and work ethic. Most importantly, he has a rare ability to communicate complex technical concepts and focus on the essence of a technological advance. This is critical for technical sales, partnering, and providing guidance and vision for employees.”

--Adam Pease
Computer Software Consultant,

"I had the pleasure of working with Scott while he was with Atherton Technology and remember how bright, far-sighted and strategic he was in his thinking, and how his product helped many of our clients get a much better handle on their software management challenges."

--David Taylor
Strategic Management Consultant, Blogger,
Writer, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

"We tried a pilot of  the tool last year on a 15 person team. One developer commented that using the tool reduced the effort from an estimated 2 weeks for a particular module, down to one day. Essentially he paid for all 15 copies of the tool in his first use."

-- Scott Cherf,
Configuration Manager, Tandem Computers

"I worked with Scott when he was a consultant for TailWind Solutions, Inc. Scott helped us define our market size and produce a video for a trade show presentation that cleverly explained the attributes of TailWind's software. Scott did an outstanding job on both tasks and the video was a highlight at the show. I was CFO of Tailwind when Scott was consulting with us."

--Curtis Dudnick,
CFO, TailWind Associates

"Scott, in the position of VP of Product Development, was key to much of the successful development of the products I worked on. On many occasions, Scott was a key source of breakthrough knowledge or experience.

His experience in User Experience design and computer science was responsible for making much of the work we did outstanding and interesting.”

--Tim Beauchamp
Senior Engineer
Data Digest

"In Hewlett-Packard’s Corporate Data Center, Scott often evangelized the use of new technologies to solve business problems. He demonstrated considerable leadership as he built support for his ideas. He delighted in thinking outside the box and didn’t shy away from rocking the boat in a fairly conservative organization."

--Jeff Dielle
Data Center Manager

"For 2 years that I have worked with Scott, I have known him to be a person of integrity and of high professionalism. He is smart and very well-informed. We worked together with a lot of people of different heritage and educational background and Scott knew exactly how to deal with each one of them. I admire the way he calmly handled different situations under intense pressure."

--Robert Dy
Software Engineer

"I worked with Scott while at Hewlett-Packard. Scott was an R&D Project Manager, responsible for developing a series of configuration management systems which facilitated the parallel development of software. Scott was a continual source of ideas and inspiration to his whole team."

--Stuart Liroff
R&D Project Manager

"Siemens finds PlaceWare an invaluable tool for e-learning and remote training because of its interactivity, ease-of-use, reliability and price. After comparing the service to other Web conferencing providers, PlaceWare was our choice, hands down."

--Kathy Booe-Kiser,
Chief Information Officer

"I worked with Scott while he was a project manager at Kairos. He was easy to work with and brought good ideas to the project."

--Scott Rossi
Tactile Media Computer Graphics